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Selling Mexico insurance is easy, and doesn't have to involve you. Seriously! Your clients can do it by themselves.

1. Ask


Ask your client if they go to Mexico when you sell an auto policy. You will be surprised by how many say yes. Build a list or tell them they can purchase from you on your website. – What’s required? Very little. Let’s be real, you are probably trying to fill time with conversation anyway as your “computer is slow today.” So ask them, let them know what you offer.


2. Post a Link

Surfing the www

Post a link on your website or social media page. Have you ever woke up and found you made money without doing anything? If not, it’s probably because you don’t have a Mexico insurance link on your website. Cause' it happens, and there is nothing better than free money. – What’s required? Again, very little depending on your website. Adding the link can be done in minutes by your Web Designer. Literally 5 minutes, if that. So the next time you are making a change to your site, add this to your request.  Not sure where to get the link? Call us.



3. Email your Clients 

New message

Put that same link in your agency’s monthly email newsletter. Don’t have one? You should seriously consider it. - What’s required? Not much if you already have the newsletter set up. Paste in a link, which you will probably do several times during the email set up anyway. If you are not sending a monthly email, start today. It’s a great way to stay in touch with customers, prospects, and those that have left you.


Most of our competitors don't support the idea of selling Mexico insurance online through your website, social media campaigns, or email blasts. If you haven't been using us, sign up today. If you are appointed, but its been a while, contact us at 1-844-273-5527.

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