Skip to main content (MIO) is one of the leading providers of Mexican Auto Insurance. Because we don’t try to be everything to everyone we have been able to become the experts in the niches we serve. We understand that endorsing an existing US auto policy to cover specialty products is an E&O liability for our agents and distributors. And it is not the best option for the customer. Consequently, we have teamed up with some of the world’s leading specialty insurance companies and can assist our agents and distributors in tailoring personal lines specialty insurance coverage to meet the needs of their customers.

We believe distributors should use a very high standard of care when choosing a Managing General Agency like ours.

Behind our website, you will find a strong operation with devoted employees, national licensing, and an unrivaled customer service team. Our team of professionals is who will service you in the event of a coverage dispute or a misunderstanding in your coverage. Click here to meet the MIO team of professionals now.

Our History

Since 2000, Mexico Insurance Online (MIO), via an extensive distribution network, has provided quality Mexico Auto Insurance to hundreds of thousands of visitors to Mexico. MIO changed the online market with our patented online issuance system.

The Insurance Companies We Partner With

Mexico Insurance Online carefully chooses which insurers in Mexico who be used to provide coverage to our distributors. Currently, we believe that the following Mexico Insurers…

  • Grupo National Provincial (GNP)
  • ABA Seguros
  • ACE Seguros
  • El Aguila

…provide the most competitive choices in coverage, pricing, underwriting, and most importantly, financial stability.

The Advantages of Multiple Insurance Companies

By offering coverage from several insurance companies Mexico Insurance Online (MIO) will always be able to offer the best insurance coverage and policy options for Mexico.

How We Protect Our Distributors Against Licensing and Regulatory Issues

We are licensed in every state. When distributors obtain coverage from us, they have the peace of mind and added protection of obtaining insurance from an operation that is licensed in their home state. If you are considering working with another MGA, we strongly encourage you to check their licensing status in your home state.

Our Technology

Our technological innovations are created and managed in-house via staff programmers and web designers. We strive to continually remain on the cutting edge of technology. With the help of our distributors, it is our goal to maintain our position as the market leader in coverage, pricing and technological innovation.

Our Specialties

We specialize in more than simply auto Insurance for Mexico. Some of our other products include watercraft liability, international medical insurance, and motorcycle insurance in Mexico.

Customer Service

Our professional staff ensures that we provide the highest level of service to our distributors.

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