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Our Partners: GNP, El Aguila, ACE, ABA

The companies represented by are among the most financially secure insurance companies in the world. Each insurance company we insure with in Mexico, or their parent company, carries an “Excellent” or “Good” rating from A.M. Best.

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Our Systems

Our policy issuance systems allows producers to perform an online transaction on behalf of your clients from any computer with internet access. Simply log onto the website using your unique username and password, and process your clients’ policy in less than 10 minutes. You can issue policies from multiple computers in multiple locations.

This allows agents to process Mexican Auto, Home, Motorcycle, and Watercraft Insurance policies with no faxing, no mailing, and no waiting. Agents can transact business directly online, including the issuance of long-term policies. This program is Agency Billed in the traditional fashion.

You may check your account statement in our online agency production area by simply clicking on reports. All of the data needed by the insurance company and the agent is online, you simply generate your monthly report each month with the click of a button.

Customer Self-Serve Policy Issuance

Your client may purchase and print short and long-term Mexican Auto, Motorcycle, and Watercraft insurance policies directly online. Our policy issuance software can be designed to mirror the look and feel of your website.

To become a producer:

Click here for NEW AGENT SIGN UP. This link will take you to the enrollment form.

Once you complete this process, we will activate your affiliate status, and we will provide you with training and hyperlinks.

Issue Policies and Track Production

When you log in to the Agency Production area you have several options:

  1. Perform an Online Express transaction
  2. View my current production-Agency bill Online Express sales
  3. View my current production-Direct bill Website to Website sales

These options will give you complete access to your current production, including policy, billing , and client details.

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