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Your clients who cross the U.S. border and drive their vehicles into Mexico need quality Mexico auto insurance. Via our MGA systems, you can help your clients obtain coverage in minutes…and earn significant commissions. Without Mexico auto insurance, your clients will have no protection in the event of an accident in Mexico. In addition, they could face incarceration until they are able to pay fines involved in causing an accident there. One’s vehicle could be detained, as well.

Getting Mexico insurance online is easy with MIO. We will provide a link you place on your website that will allow your customers to self-serve their Mexico insurance online directly. That means they can purchase and print the policy directly from your website, and you still earn the same commissions. If you prefer, you can also log into our systems and issue the policies on behalf of your customer.

It takes only 5 minutes to quote, purchase and print a policy.

Mexican law states that tourist vehicles must be insured by a Mexican domiciled insurer. Less than 20 insurers in Mexico provide Mexico tourist auto insurance. When insuring a client, it is important to know the A.M. Best Company rating for the insurer providing coverage. You should never provide coverage to your clients from unrated insurers, especially in Mexico. All the companies MIO provides tourist auto coverage through carry an “Excellent” or “Good” rating from A.M. Best Company.

The Advantages of MIO Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage:

  • MIO provides the Best Coverage in the market.
  • GMAC Financed and other Lender Approved policies.
  • Low-priced policies available.
  • Financially secure (A.M. Best A-rated or better) Insurers.
  • Broad appetite…high valued autos, RV’s, motorcycles.

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